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The Life and Thought of
E.L. Mascall

Pusey House, Oxford
8th and 9th November 2023

The Centre for Theology, Law and Culture is holding a conference in Oxford on the 8th and 9th November 2023, dedicated to the life and thought of the great twentieth century Anglo-Catholic priest and theologian E.L. Mascall.

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Eric Lionel Mascall was Professor of Historical Theology at King's College London, and the Church of England's leading Thomist theologian. A member of the Oratory of the Good Shepherd, he also taught at Lincoln Theological College and Oxford, before retiring to the parish of St Mary's, Bourne Street, London.

Our conference will discuss various theological, ecclesiological, sacramentological and pastoral themes in Mascall's work.


An outline schedule of the conference is available here as a pdf.


Speakers include:

Peter Webster (Independent Scholar)

Philip Moller, SJ (Campion Hall)

Roberta Bayer (Patrick Henry College, Virginia)

Robin Ward (St Stephen's House)

Michael Lloyd (Wycliffe Hall)

Euan Grant (University of St Andrews)

Lucy Gardner (St Stephen's House)

Clinton Collister (Wycliffe Hall)

The colloquium will be introduced by a lecture in Pusey House's Recollections Series by Fr Christopher Smith (St Albans, Holborn), at 4pm on Wednesday 8th November. Fr Christopher's lecture is entitled 'God did not choose to save the world by talk'. E.L. Mascall on the Incarnation and its consequences. This is open to the public, and no booking is necessary to attend this lecture only.

A keynote lecture will be given on Thursday afternoon by Bishop Rowan Williams, the Rt Rev & Rt Hon the Lord Williams of Oystermouth. Bishop Rowan's lecture is entitled: An Anglican nouvelle theologie: Eric Mascall on Christ and the Church.

All attendees are also warmly invited to join in the liturgical life of the House during their visit. Evensong and Mass will be celebrated in the House chapel on Wednesday evening. Mattins, Mass and Evensong on Thursday.

Visitors from other Christian denominations can also be directed, should they prefer, to other churches in central Oxford. 


Bishop Rowan Williams. 

Edited from a CC image on Wikimedia Commons.

To attend the E.L. Mascall conference, whether for both days or only Thursday 9th November, please contact



We are only able to host our academic programme thanks to the generosity of donors great and small. We encourage attendees to make a small suggested donation of £25.


You can donate to us directly here, or via the bank details below.

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