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Based at Pusey House, the Centre draws upon Oxford’s longstanding and exceptional scholarship in Law and the Humanities, and in particular upon the Catholic tradition as received in the Church of England. The Centre hosts colloquia, lectures, and seminars, and supports scholars and scholarship in the pursuit of truth within the academy, and for the renewal of the Church within a pluralistic society.

The work of the Centre has recently been much extended by the donation of Mr Marek Matraszek.

Donations can be made online here.

The Centre for Theology, Law, and Culture is an academic institute dedicated to enriching contemporary intellectual and cultural life by a rigorous engagement with Theology and Philosophy. 


Dr Jonathan Price

Barry Fellow of Pusey House &  St Cross College; Faculty of Law (University of Oxford).


Research: Theological origins of modernity; philosophical anthropology; virtue ethics; philosophy of Private Law.

Dr William Simpson

Scholar in Residence at Pusey House. Barry Fellow (Philosophy Dept., Austin, TX), Visiting Fellow in Philosophy (University of Durham), Research Associate (University of Cambridge Cambridge).

Research: philosophy of nature, metaphysics of physics, history and philosophy of science.

Miss Isabelle Heinemann

Researcher at Pusey House.

Research: Intellectual History; the high middle ages; Dante Alighieri.

The Revd  Professor Nigel Biggar CBE

Distinguished Scholar in Residence at Pusey House, Emeritus Regius Professor of Moral and Pastoral Theology at the University of Oxford

Research: follow this link to Prof Biggar's university profile.

Mr Clinton Collister

PhD Candidate in Christian Theology (University of Cambridge)

Research: Theology and Literature; Moral Theology; Systematic Theology

Prof Agnieszka Nogal

Visiting Scholar (Pusey House), Professor at the University of Warsaw (Chair of Political Philosophy, Faculty of Philosophy)


Research: human rights; natural rights; the organic metaphor of "political body"; biopolitics.

Dr John Ritzema

Research Fellow at the Pharos Foundation and a Researcher at Pusey House.

Research: Visionary experience and cult in the Hebrew Bible; the Bible and Humanities; Christian theology and the British Constitution.



  • Hilary: TBC

  • Trinity: TBC


For information about Recollection lectures accompanying the colloquia, see schedule below.

To enquire about attending our colloquia, please email


​The keynote address of our Theologians & Contract Law colloquium (Autumn 2021) can be viewed here

Over the 2023-24 academic year, there will be several colloquia on topics of interest to the Centre


The Centre coordinates, with the Pusey House Chapter, the Recollection Lecture series: recalling the major themes and thinkers of Christian history.

Recollection lectures take place in the Ursell Room at Pusey House at 4pm generally (unless noted otherwise). Tea and coffee is served in the Hood Room between 3.15 and 3.45pm. 

You can see our lectures, given by scholars including John Finnis and Wim Decock, on our YouTube channel. Follow us to see upcoming series on early modern theology and law, the soul, and moral and political theology, as well as the co-organised Theological Conference on the theme of the work of the Holy Spirit.


Please consider sponsoring one of our scholars or an upcoming colloquium or lecture series or book discussion group. It is only through the generous support of donors like you that the next generation of Oxford students, as well as interested scholars and policy-makers, might receive ancient wisdom in a setting of Christian life and worship. Donations can be made here.


Alternatively, donations can made by bank transfer with the following details.

Pusey House Chapel

Barclays Bank

Sort code: 20-65-18

Account no.: 10748455

Reference: Pusey Centre

For enquiries about the Centre, please contact Dr Jonathan Price at:

​Pusey House, St Giles', Oxford, OX1 3LZ

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